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About LAPP and Vol. No.

Vol. No. Magazine produced 27 issues, had international contributors, and was distributed nationally. (bookstores, university libraries, etc…)

Each issue housed its own special family of writers. A family that started nationally, then expanded beyond the U.S. borders so that by issue 27, poets living in Europe, Indonesia, India, Guatemala and many other countries were represented.

LAPP has published a large variety of poets, from the homeless to former USA Poet Laureate Octavio Paz, as well as having sponsored over one hundred live reading/music events.

Vol. No was nominated for a Writers Digest award in 1985.

For author inquiries and mail orders contact LAPP.

Here is info for Jerry Danielsen:

Jerry Danielsen is a poet, composer and producer. He is a founding editor of Volume Number Magazine (Vol. No.) and Los Angeles Poets’ Press (LAPP).

His other books include:

Transmit Love – 2011

Spiritual Ennui – 2006

Against the Fog – 2003

What?! – 1983

 He has also been published in San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Canyon Carvings, Electrum, CQ, Vol. No. and others. 

Jerry is also the owner/operator at Busy Signal Studios, where he manages and coordinates multiple activities such as writing music, working as a producer and recording engineer.

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