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“Jerry Danielsen’s musicality is always present in the rhythm and structure of his poems. There is a deepening tone in this work which is still nicely balanced by the emotion and urgency of the words.”

Annie Reiner:  Los Angeles Poet, Playwright, Psychoanalyst and Painter. (The Naked I, This Nervous Breakdown is Driving Me Crazy, Beyond Rhyme & Reason, A Visit to the Art Galaxy, The Potty Chronicles, The Long Journey of the Little Seed, Mirage á Trois)


“People are born; built and broken, sometimes at the same time. And people heal in funny ways, when they heal, if they heal – some bandaged together with duck tape, just barely; and others patch themselves well enough to get by as almost new. You see their faces, in the crowd. Background Noise is like an old chipped mug – beautiful just because it fits the hand the right way, and you remember when you bought it – and the good times, and the bad. More than that, it feels right, and unlike every other impersonal or empty thing, this one has a truth to it – like words; mundane and everywhere. But when they come to life, they are knives / goodbyes / awkwardness / pain / music / love / coldness and new beginnings. That aliveness, that feeling of fitting your mind and heart just right, because its true, and matters – is Jerry Danielsen’s magical gift, not just words but the life behind it; ours and his.“

~ Khadija Sharife, African author, poet and journalist (Huffington Post, Harvard International Review, Al Jazeera, London Review of Books, The Africa Report)


“Background Noise offers an incisive and sometimes derisive journey into our everyday lives. Jerry Danielsen weaves biting words with thought provoking social commentary to keep you turning the pages.”    

~ Samuel Greengard, American writer, author, past president of the American Society of Journalists and Writers (American Way, America West, Amtrak’s Arrive, Discover, Hemispheres, Industry Week, Home, iQ, Los Angeles, MSNBC/MSN Online, The Project Management Institute, Wired, The Writer)